Bâlea Lake

Bâlea Lake is located in the heart of the Fagaras Mountains, in Sibiu County. The glacial lake has an area of over 45,000 square meters. The typical mountain relief, made up of moraines, terraces and “U” shaped valleys is dominated by the ridged crests from which it rises.

Lake Balea has been declared a monument of nature, being considered one of the most beautiful and largest glacial lakes in Romania, reaching an altitude of 2034 meters.

The landscape formed by the lake on the top of the mountain is of a special beauty both in summer and in winter. It forms the ideal place to relax, admiring the wonderful view of the glacial valleys that surround it and the ridges of the mountains.

Bâlea Lac

Location and Surroundings

Lake Bâlea is located in the Făgăraș mountains, in the Cârțișoara region, near the Transfăgărășan road. It is surrounded by the sharp ridges of the Făgăraș mountains, standing in the shade of the Iezerul Caprei summit (2417m) and guarded by the Vânătoarea lui Buteanu Peak (2507).

The oasis of tranquility is a natural masterpiece that every soul enjoys at any time of the year. Hidden in the heart of Făgăraș, Lake Bâlea has many tourists regardless of weather.

The almost vertical walls surrounding the lake are often dotted with herds of black goats that can be seen with the naked eye near the lake. Next to the lake, there is an observation point from where tourists can admire the grandeur of Transfăgărășan, towards Sibiu.

Lacul Bâlea s-a format în Căldarea Glaciară Bâlea

Lake Bâlea was formed in the Bâlea glacier cirque


Lake Bâlea initially formed an island that approached the shore through an isthmus. However, with the passage of time, the island and the isthmus became a peninsula, later becoming Lake Bâlea, which is today one of the most popular attractions of the Făgăraș mountains.

The Legend of Bâlea, the shepherd

Bâlea is not only the name of the spectacular glacier lake in the Făgăraș Mountains, but is also the name of a famous shepherd at the foot of the Făgăraș mountains.

One day, when he was grazing with the sheep, a bear crossed their path, but Bâlea managed to defeat him. The news reached the village, more precisely to the emperor’s ears, who proposed that he stay at the palace. Bâlea accepted the offer, and soon enough learned to handle weaponry, becoming captain over the king’s army.

After a while, the sheperd started missing his sheep and told the king that he wants to go back home. Upon hearing the news, the king along with his daughters tried to make Bâlea change his mind. The eldest transformed herself into an ugly old lady and went to visit the shepherd one evening to ask about some medicinal herbs.

Bâlea being kind, invites the old lady to stay for the night so that she doesn’t have to travel in the dark. The next day, the old lady turns out to be the king’s daughter. The shepherd is amazed by her beauty and decides to marry her. The king happily begins the wedding preparations.

In the spring, a terrible blizzard broke out and the shepherd and his wife were forced to take refuge in the mountains, but the blizzard was too strong for them and threw them into the lake at the foot of the mountains, thus finding their tragic end. Moved by their fate, the inhabitants of the village decided that the name of the lake would become Bâlea.

Cable car or Car to Bâlea Lake?

During the summer, a very simple and practical way to get to Bâlea Lake is the personal car, on the Transfăgărășan road. The rest of the time, it can be reached as easily by cable car, which can be found near the Bâlea Waterfall.

The car ride will delight you with fairy tale landscapes, with sharp ridges piercing through the clouds. Also, if you choose to take the car for the Bâlea Lake visit, you will have the opportunity to stop often to capture the moment.

Choosing the cable car, you will enjoy the majesty of the road, which can be admired in all its splendor, from a height of 15-20m. Even if you cannot stop for pictures, on the climb to Bâlea, you will be able to admire the ridges of the mountains bathed by the rays of the sun or through the layers of clouds.

Bucurați-vă de peisaj alegând să luați telecabina pe tronsonul Bâlea Lac - Bâlea Cascadă

Enjoy the scenery by choosing to take the cable car on the Bâlea Lake – Bâlea Waterfall section

Technical details

Lake Bâlea is located at the 2,034 level on Transfăgărășan. It was formed in the Bâlea Glacial Cirque of the Făgăraș Mountains.

The year 1932 stood out due to the fact that Lake Bâlea and 180 hectares around it were officially declared a scientific reserve.

Adâncime: 11,35 metri

Depth: 11.35 meters

Lungime: 360 de metri

Length: 360 meters

Altitudine: 2034 metri

Altitude: 2034 meters

Suprafața: 46508 metri pătrați (4.65 hectare)

Surface: 46508 square meters (4.65 ha)


The vegetation that surrounds Lake Bâlea is diverse, composed of varieties of dandelion, carnations with red flowers, cranberries, yellow poppies, etc.

Since 1932, Lake Bâlea has been declared a scientific reserve, home to many species of plants such as the edelweiss, nicknamed the “Queen of the Carpathians”. It is one of the plants protected by law since 1933, being considered as the symbol of love and purity in the Romanian tradition.

Another flower that is noticed by its remarcable scent from afar is red vanilla orchid with a special color, in two shades: red and dark purple. This plant is declared, next to the edelweiss, a monument of nature.

Bâlea Lake Attractions

The area is in itself an attraction that leaves you breathless, but in the natural setting of Lake Bâlea you can also find other attractions to fill your holiday schedule.

The Ice Hotel

In 2006, near Lake Bâlea, the first ice hotel in Eastern Europe was created. It has a different theme every year. The ice hotel is made up of 15 double rooms and 3 igloos, all made entirely of ice.

The attractions of the hotel consist primarily of the ice bar and the ice restaurant where a unique dinner can be served, making for an unforgettable glacial experience. There is also an ice church open to all believers, regardless of their religion.

Hotelul de Gheață se construiește în fiecare an cu gheață din Lacul Bâlea - un bloc de gheață cântărește până la 70 kg

The Ice Hotel is built every year with ice from Lake Bâlea – a block of ice weighs up to 70 kg

Summer Snow Celebrations

In the early June period, there is a summer snow celebration, when tourists or winter sports enthusiasts enjoy the last snow. They take part in various sporting events such as: football, snow volleyball, rope shooting, Lake Bâlea relay, paintball, short sightseeing tours. Professionals compete in skiing, snowboarding and paragliding.

Hiking Trails

Hiking can be a relaxing outing where you can enjoy the delightful view offered by the ridges that surround the lake.

An average level route, with an estimated time of 2 hours and marked by the blue triangles is: Bâlea Lac – ăa Capra – Peak Vânatoarea lui Buteanu – Vaiaua Vaiuga – Bâlea Lac

From Bâlea Lac (2,034 meters) you go to the East, towards the Capra Saddle, following the marking of the blue triangles heading to the North – East, entering the path that leads to Vânatoarea lui Buteanu Peak (2,507 meters).

The route can be approached by experienced hikers as well as mountain-loving amateurs, mandatorily equipped with special equipment for such altitude. Pay attention to the water capacity you manage because there is no way to refill.

Indicator al traseelor ce pot fi urmate de la Bâlea Lac

Indicator of the routes that can be followed from Bâlea Lake


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