From north to south we list the weather conditions at each major location on the Transfagarașan Highway:

The weather in Sibiu

Although Sibiu is not actually on the Transfagarașan Highway, this town is included because it is often visited along the road.

The weather at the Bâlea Waterfall

The “Bâlea Waterfall” area is at an altitude of 1240 m and marks the beginning of the alpine range. The cable car to Bâlea Lake starts here and the road is closed in winter.

The weather at Bâlea Lake

Located at an altitude of 2034m, Bâlea Lake is the highest and coldest point of the road. Often the weather here is very different from the lowlands.

Webcam Bâlea Lake

The weather in Conacul Ursului

Conacul Ursului guesthouse is located at an altitude of 1285 m and is the place where the Transfagarașan Highway is open in winter.

The weather at Vidraru Dam and Lake

The Vidraru Dam is one of the most photographed engineering monuments in Romania. Almost all visitors to the Transfagarașan Highway stop at the Vidraru area.

The weather in the Poenari Citadel

Poenari Fortress is located at the entrance of the gorge created by the Argeș River and is annually visited by many tourists who dare to climb its 1500 steps.

The weather in Curtea de Arges

This small provincial town is dotted with places of worship that are unique in Europe, both for their age and for their architecture.